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4 comments on AI generated fake people

  • lukascastellino Not all of these people are AI generated
  • pickle1010 I do know alix is real, it was a misclick. :(
  • riderkitt Everything looks beautiful, but I'm not a fan of AI in real movies. For me, human acting is more common, and if you can't do without CGI, let it be done with high quality with the participation of real people. Looking at the impact that AI is creating in many areas of our lives, I became interested in speculating what it will be like in a few years. In my blog, I asked subscribers what they thought, and I liked this link with essay examples where the authors consider various hypotheses. It was interesting to read the different arguments, both for and against. The future is undoubtedly shaped by artificial intelligence, but I would like to keep its potential impact to a minimum. But these are all just my thoughts.

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