Fan Casting 101

If you love movies and TV shows, you’re in the right place! myCast is a platform that allows fans to suggest actors to play each role in their favorite stories. This is called “fan casting” and allows movie buffs to use their creativity to choose who they’d like to see in a film adaptation of a story they’re already familiar with.

There’s always that “next big movie” coming out in a couple years that hasn’t been cast yet. Everyone has their opinion on who would be the perfect person to play each character. myCast gives you a platform to make your voice heard! Make your suggestions, cast your vote, and see what others think!

Dream Casting

So maybe the film has already been made, but you think you could have cast it better. Wonder who would play each role in The Goonies if it was made today? Or who would play The Avengers if it was filmed thirty years ago? Or maybe you want to pick the cast of your favorite TV show if the genders were swapped. Use myCast to “dream” and assemble your dream cast for your favorite stories, even if they likely won’t be made.

Imagine Casting

Are you an author or screenwriter? We all like to imagine what our own stories would look like on the big screen. Use myCast to tell the world your story and who you think would play each character best. Or if you’d like, keep the story private and use it just for personal brainstorming.

How to Use myCast

First, find a story you’re familiar with. Start with something easy like Star Wars, or go directly to an obscure title with a niche fan base. If you can’t find the story you’re looking for (right now there’s 1,232 and counting), don’t worry - you can add a new story. Just type in the title, upload a poster image, and let us know who the original creator of the story is.

Next, browse the roles for the story. This includes all the characters in the story, but also crew positions like Director, Producer, and Writer. If you don’t see the role you’re looking for, you can add it. If you have an image or drawing of the character, upload that also!

Finally, make some casting suggestions. Start typing the name of the actor or person you think is best for the role, and select their profile from the dropdown list. Once you make a suggestion, it’s open for other users to vote or comment on. May the best suggestion win!