What is myCast?

myCast is a platform that allows fans to suggest actors to play each role in their favorite stories. This is called “fan casting” and allows movie buffs to use their creativity to choose who they’d like to see in a film adaptation of a story they’re already familiar with.

Is this for real?

Fan casting is just for fun. The Hollywood studios are ultimately responsible for casting their films, but who knows? Maybe they’ll listen to what the fans want. It’s not uncommon for an actor to be officially cast for a role that was the top suggestion on myCast.

How can I contribute?

The myCast database is completely user-populated. That means everything - stories, characters, actors, and casting suggestions - are contributed by users. You can create a new story, populate it with characters, and make casting suggestions for each role. Then open it up to voting and comments!

Do I have to create an account?

You’re free to browse the database without an account. If you’d like to add any content or vote, you’ll need to create a FREE account. You can login using your Facebook or Google account if that’s easier.

Can I edit my contributions?

Yes, once you add a story, role, or suggestion, you’re free to edit it in the future. You can even archive the story to make it private or start from scratch if you’d like.

What kind of content is allowed?

We do not allow any content that contains hate speech or anything sexual or profane.

Find something inaccurate?

If you see something that needs fixing - like an outdated actor image or misspelling - let us know by clicking “Report an Error” at the bottom of the page.

How can I advertise on myCast?

You can advertise on myCast by going to this page - https://www.mycast.io/advertise - and filling out the form at the bottom with your details and one of our representatives will reach out to you shortly after with additional details.