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Fan Casting Your Favorite Stories

Use your #skills to fan cast roles in your favorite movies and TV shows.

Dream Casting

Assemble Your Dream Cast

Think you can cast that movie better than the pros? Choose YOUR favorite actor or actress for each role.

Imagine Casting

Imagine Casting Your Own Stories

Did you write your own screenplay or book? Use myCast to choose who you'd like to play each character.

Imagine Casting

Find a Story

It may be a novel, comic book, old film, or just an idea. Whatever it is, you can find the stories you love and assemble your dream cast to play each character.

Imagine Casting

Browse Roles

Once you've found a story you're familiar with, browse the characters or add a new one. Who are the main players in the story?

Imagine Casting

Make a Suggestion

Now, think of the perfect actor or actress to play the role. Type in their name to suggest them, and let others comment their thoughts!

Use this form to search the myCast database. You can search for the title of a movie or TV show, the name of a character, or the name of an actor/actress. Once you find what you're looking for, start making some casting suggestions!

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Check out the most active stories on myCast. Click to see roles for each story and vote for your dream cast.

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These characters have received the most votes in the past week. Who do you think would be perfect for each character? Cast your vote now!

Newest Stories

These stories were just added! They may need a little help getting fully cast. Click to make your contribution!

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