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Fan Casting Elsa(Frozen)

Role added by mmsilviamm on May 4, 2019

Description of Elsa (Frozen):

Named after pornstar Elsa Jean



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Physical Appearance of Elsa
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    White / European Descent
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22 comments on Elsa

  • barbs4bernie i feel like dove has the looks but acting wise she wouldn't really portray elsa well, thats just my opinion tho

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  • billyswifty Elsa is my favorite!

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  • kayleejoseph Do Sophie Turner they had same looks

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  • clownprinceofcasting Saoirse Ronan or Evanna Lynch are my pics, but I dont think anyone will top Idina Menzel

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  • user_36839 But why is Danny Devito Confirmed?

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  • kevsperling Dove Cameron cannot be Elsa, neither can Taylor Swift, Bella Thorne, Meg Donnelly, Peyton List, Emma Watson, Elle Fanning, Naomi Scott, Carrie Underwood, Shakira, Zendaya, or Ava Max can, because nearly no one can be as good as Idina Menzel except herself. I would probably hate Disney if they picked Taylor Swift for any of their princess roles. But @ananymouse, I agree with you, Elsa Jean, Sabrina Carpenter, and Adele have a good chance. However, if I was to choose the top two, it would be Sabrina Carpenter vs. Adele. I love them both.

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  • rose_love I don't think dove camron has the voice for Elsa but Olivia Holt would doves voice is more soft where Elsa's is hard like ice

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  • cam_and_vyond Do not vote no on Lady Gaga. She has the funny number and want to keep it that way.

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  • britsehnsucht Kristen Bell or Dove Cameron
  • johannagrrl28 People have been saying that because they look alike, Dove should play Elsa but what does that have to do with anything? It's an animation

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