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Fan Casting Hercules

Role added by kipwalker on June 12, 2017

Description of Hercules:

Hercules is the son of Zeus. His appearance is top-heavy, muscular, and handsome, with orange hair and eyebrows and blue eyes. His teenage version wears a one-sleeved Greek tunic, while the adult version wears a brown-orange brass Cuirass-like tank armor tunic with a blue cape.



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Physical Appearance of Hercules
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    White / European Descent
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3 comments on Hercules

  • billyswifty Why don't people like Chris Pratt for Hercules?

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    • annaminor @billyswifty I LOVE Chris Pratt. He is a great actor and a wonderful human being. He would make a great Hercules except for the fact that he is 41 and Hercules is 18. I doubt that they will cast an actual tewn, but Hercules storyline is very much so a young adult finding your place in the world journey.
    • logxnsworld @billyswifty He'd be a great hercules, but a. he's definitely not a teen/young adult, and b. he can't sing. Not at the caliber that the role calls for at least.

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