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Fan Casting Violet

Role added by abigailczekaj on May 12, 2023

Description of Violet:

Violet Sorrengail is described as a shorter female. Her body is on the weaker side, with joints that do not withstand much pressure, and since she has suffered many broken bones, dislocated joints, and so on. It is believed by the fandom that Violet may have EDS. Violet is smart, feisty, and stronger than most people think she is. Violet is canonically in her early 20s. (casting choices MUST BE ABOVE 20.) Violet has “pale skin, pale eyes, pale hair,” which General Sorrengail blames on the illness she suffered during her pregnancy, or being locked up in the library all day. Violet’s hair is brown at the roots, but fades to silver at the ends



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2 comments on Violet

  • cortd i’ll never watch it if Danielle Russel is violet. just because she plays a half witch half vampire, doesnt make her automatically fit the part for V. stop playing ya’ll
    • kailyn800 @cortd This is how I feel about Josephine Langford. I desperately do not want her to portray Violet. She is more hearty than I imagine Violet.

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