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the mcu spider-man movies is nice but the movies would be different if the mcu was the way i wanted, and here's the story of this alternate universe where andrew garfield's spider man never existed, starting with negotiations it all started in 2010 when the promising spider man 4 was canceled from a once and for all, where Kevin Feige began to negotiate with Sony to reboot after Raimi's franchise was canceled completely and the purpose of the negotiations was to accomplish Feige's dream by placing Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it was to start in 2011 but feige claimed it was still too early and he was too busy at the moment as he had several movies to be made including of course Avengers so the production of The Amazing Spider-Man was moved to the year 2015, and at the beginning of this year it started The search for the lead actor included Andrew Garfield himself, but he was too old for the role as Sony wanted Spider-Man to be played by an actor. younger, but marvel didn't rule out andrew as he would return in the spider-verse as an older version of spiderman, but the finalists were butterfield wing, charlie plummer, matthew lintz and of course tom holland himself, butterfield wing was practically the chosen one for the role but he did what marvel hates the most, after being announced by several web sites as the new spider man, the actor used his reddit account to answer some people who thought he was too self-righteous for the role, and after that show and distrust for marvel that kept spider man a secret until the movie was confirmed that it would happen finally hears the official announcement young tom holland was chosen who at the time was known for some small movies and for the movie the impossible besides having been billy eliot in the theater, with the main actor the director of the film was chosen Jon Watts at the time known for horror films and comedy films and who received the mission to remake history the origin in the movie called the spectacular spider-man but escaping the cold water bath, depression and all the defeats of peter parker alais' life we ​​had already seen this in previous movies in the case of raimi's movies and not even all spiderman stories are like spiderman blue and kraven's last hunt, spiderman also has fun stories that characterize the hero to this day and that's exactly what marvel looked for in the chosen actors and of course in his movies of this new reboot starring tom holland, with the director chosen and the actor of the protagonist, all that was missing was the rest of the cast that was handpicked by feige and of course the main villain and the villain of the time was the lizard who is one of the most villains popular in the spider-man universe that doesn't surprise me that he was chosen as the main antagonist of the movie and the actor in question is aaron eckhart who became known for playing the villain two face in the movie batman the dark knight