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Live-action adaptations, upcoming projects, and Disney classics.
Last Post: Modernized version of Puss in Boots by zorionwhite
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Marvel Cinematic Universe
The Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, and more from Marvel Comics.
Last Post: How would you create a Marvel-styled Arrowverse? by jamesenglebert
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DC Extended Universe
The Justice League, Batman, Superman, and more from DC Comics.
Last Post: Seven Soldiers by jamesenglebert
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Other Comics
Comic series that are NOT Marvel or DC, such as Hellboy and Valiant.
Last Post: The Crow by amalfi5000
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Novels, short stories, popular book series, and self-published work.
Last Post: Redwall film and TV series in the works for Netflix by hitojaf564
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Popular television series and cartoons, such as Scooby Doo and Friends.
Last Post: The Summer I Turned Pretty by matt2001
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Famous movie franchises such as Star Wars, Mission Impossible, and James Bond.
Last Post: Ideas for a sequel to SCOOB! by matt2001
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Video Games
Popular video game franchises such as Halo, Super Mario, and Silent Hill.
Last Post: Nintendo Cinematic Universe by jamesenglebert
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Anime & Manga
Japanese-style animation such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Dragon Ball Z.
Last Post: Osomatsu-San's official dub by Viz by tommylopez
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Broadway plays and other stage adaptations.
Last Post: In need of help making a new coed band show since the S Club 7 by amalfi5000
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Christian Media
Faith-based and Christian media such as the Bible series and The Shack.
Last Post: This forum needs to be cleaned up by jamesenglebert
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True Stories
True crime, biopics, documentaries, and other stories based on real life.
Last Post: The Three Beatles by matt2001
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Time Jump
Re-casting movies as if they had been made in a different time period.
Last Post: What if Modern Family were a 90s Sitcom? by smeehee9916
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Gender Swap
Re-casting movies by swapping genders for all (or some) of the characters.
Last Post: Would Henry and Percy work as gender-neutral names (boy and/or girl-compatible)? by matt2001
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