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WARNING!!! : I present to you the official roster of the Thunderbolts

Baron Zemo / Daniel Brühl

Us agent / Wyatt Russell

Taskmaster / Olga Kurylenko

Abomination / Tim Roth

Ghost / Hannah John-Kamen

Jack O'Lantern / Vincent Martella

Bob Hydra / Rob Hayter

Luke Cage / Mike Colter

Sorry for all the decisions of our team at "Loading", we were discussing in relation to the new and first team of super villains and anti-heroes that can move forward against a villain we think is perfect to face that is Armin Zola. Hope you all enjoyed our new cast and news.

Synopsis: The avengers have been separated since the civil war, and Valentina Allegra De La Fontaine takes this opportunity to assemble the team that will replace them and gain the government's trust, for that she counts on the help of Us agent, Baron Zemo, and Taskmaster along with the new members.

You guys seem like a successful team!!! I really hope that both teams grow up with a f*cking cast, congratulations.
That we both grew up together in this f#ck also Gustave
We look like Deadpool and Weasel talking ha ha ha
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