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  • dylangibson Impressive

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    • dewiyuliani @dylangibson thank you and also all of the Autobots and Decepticon would receive more screentime than the human except for su yueming

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  • dylangibson Can you bring back jolt Jetfire Elita-1 and Chromia

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    • dewiyuliani @dylangibson off course I already did and also Jolt Jetfire Elita-1 Chromia Would Received More Screentime And Jolt would be a prankster here like when he pranked Ironhide Ironhide was upset and it would be revealed that Ironhide have a unique personality of he would act rude whenever someone make him angry

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  • dylangibson Talk to me about your version of dark of the moon ending
    • dewiyuliani @dylangibson my version ending of transformers dark of the moon would be jazz and su yueming would visit all of the autobots gravestone of Sentinel Prime skids mudflap warpath where then jazz would sent the allspark back to Cybertron and then su yueming would hops inside jazz alt mode as a dark gray Pontiac solstice gxp sports car and Jazz would saying his words of wisdom at the end of transformers dark of the moon with su yueming listen it

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  • dylangibson Name more autobots please
  • dylangibson Did Optimus prime have speech
    • dewiyuliani @dylangibson it would be jazz instead of Optimus prime since transformers dark of the moon direction want that Jazz is more focused too after his revival so they can see jazz character bit more
  • dylangibson Thanks
  • dylangibson Is battle of Chicago is nighttime

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