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Fan Casting Kaladin Stormblessed

Role added by zdrwa on December 30, 2018

Description of Kaladin Stormblessed:

Kaladin is a very tall man, even tall by Alethi standards, standing approximately 6'4" in Rosharan feet (nearly seven cosmere standard feet). He is leanly muscular and has multiple scars on his body. He has tan skin and shoulder-length wavy black hair typical of an Alethi. He was born with dark brown eyes. Like most Rosharans, Kaladin's eyes have an epicanthic fold. His face is square and firm with strong lines and a proud chin. Kaladin would look similar to someone of Asian-Middle Eastern descent.



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Physical Appearance of Kaladin Stormblessed
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3 comments on Kaladin Stormblessed

  • justboy D’Artagnan is a great pick! They even look a lot alike.
  • tygerroyal Luke and Avan would have been great options... 10 years ago. I'm not sure why people are so adamant about Luke and Avan, they're in their early 30's and by the time the show starts recording, they could be well into the mid or late 30's.
  • user_222438 Yall... PLEASEEE watch 'The Stand' Henrique Zaga plays the character "Nick Andros"... and yall.. IM TELLING YOU. He protrays soooooooo many attributes in Kaladin that I have never seen before. The headshot that was placed here Didnt do my boy justice at all... PLEASE watch some of the clips from the stand and I promise you wont regret it

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