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Fan Casting Lord Xenofright(The Evil Doodle)

Role added by toonking1985 on October 12, 2020

Description of Lord Xenofright (The Evil Doodle):

Lord Xenofright serves as the villain of this movie, he is a calm and creepy skeleton-like figure that wears a hood. He looks like a cross between the Grim Reaper and Blight from Batman Beyond he also has a broken noose around his neck. He is drawn in a DCAU art style, he represents Briana’s negative side, and his mannerisms are kinda like a mix of Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons. You could kinda compare him to those pure evil and calm villains, It/Pennywise, Other Mother, The Beast from OtGW, and Smoke from CASttR. His goal is to become Briana’s only friend and manipulate her to his own ends. He is the most feared and most powerful dark doodle and is like the Satan of the doodle world.



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5 comments on Lord Xenofright

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