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Fan Casting Roles for Doodles



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36 comments on Doodles

  • jkp3_blaster24 I love the idea. I love the concept. Sounds like a really really good and unique movie. Nice one.

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  • jarrodosborne Does anybody have any ideas for any live-action characters cause me and my friend JessicaFin23 had this idea that Briana would have friends

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    • jamesenglebert @jarrodosborne Maybe a child with Asperger Syndrome who encourages Briana’s art and makes up stories with her characters. I have Asperger and I’m always coming up with stories in my head.
  • moviemash :( How comes you made an original idea and you get to be trending and I make an original idea and nobody wants to contribute

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  • jamesenglebert Someone send this to Disney or Universal!!!!!

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  • jarrodosborne If this movie gets picked up by Universal I'd would like to use the opening logo with James Horner's score:

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  • jarrodosborne Say guys I've been having this idea for a scene in the climax of Doodles where Rob fights Claudius and the fight between them is inspired by the fight between Baloo and Shere Khan in The Jungle Book

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  • moviemash But that’s ok

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  • jarrodosborne To let you all know I imagine the score of the film to be like that of a James Horner score

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  • jarrodosborne Hey guys me and my friends have been thinking about this idea about the doodles and the world they come from. Like we imagine that when a doodle is created by someone with all of their heart then that doodle is given a soul (like the main six doodles of the movie) but if this doodle is created by someone whose heart is in a dark place then that doodle is becomes a dark doodle (like Lord Xenofright and Claudius) and the world that the doodles live in is a refuge for all types of doodles (rather they are just drawings, for paintings, for movies, for shows, for books, for comics, for art, etc.). This idea is influenced by how creations like the Baron and Toto the crow in The Cat Returns are born and the idea of dark doodles is influenced by how that boy Dylan in We Bought a Zoo draws those creepy gothic horror drawings (including that one drawing of a decapitated head with blood streaming out of the neck) when his mother died and the Extremeasaurs from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. So what do you guys think of this idea?

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  • braydenfostervold This is really good!! I love the creativeness with the casting! I decided to make a story inspired by you! :D

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