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  • otsutsuki The film opens with a sinister and emphatic soundtrack where we are taken to the Soho neighborhood of London, England in 1929 and we see a first person view of someone watching Tara Brooks a prostitute at Madame Vanity's Borthel who is giving birth to her son. Eric but she ends up having some complications in childbirth as they both didn't survive the nurses desperately run to look for a doctor when we see Doctor Deacon Frost with a chilling and harrowing soundtrack, he gets close to Tara and recites the biblical passage from Revelation 11:08 which says "Their dead bodies lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified." then he bites Tara sucking all her blood killing her in the process the nurses rush in and manage to save the newborn Eric while Deacon makes a killing, the last nurse puts baby Eric on a man's door she explains the situation and the man named Jamal Afari who swears to protect the baby the nurse then lures Deacon into an alley where he the camera slowly goes up as he jumps on the nurse and violently kills her the camera goes up until we see the moon and the nurse's agonizing screams, cuts to the intro of the Marvel Studios to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, we cut to the present day with Blade atop an ancient church in Scotland facing the moon watching in first person a group of vampires, Blade attacks one by one in the silence of the night he interrogates a young vampire and asks about Deacon's location young man says he doesn't know where he is so Blade tortures him in search of information but the young man refuses to give it to him so Blade kills him in cold blood we see him return to England where he finds his foster father and mentor Jamal he enters a room and scratches the faces of the vampires where we see a mural with faces of people who have a connection with Deacon, Jamal asks how the hunt was and Eric says that it was nothing productive that it was a small fish, Jamal says that this revenge is not worth the too bad he even stopped helping Dane with the Ebony Blade, he says that Eric lost 20 years of his life with this revenge that didn't bear fruit, Eric says that it's not revenge he seeks, but justice for his mother , he then says that and got a clue in Scotland he took the young man's cell phone and saw that he arranged a meeting with a woman named Rachel in a Club full of Vampires, he arrives at the club beheading two guards, and goes to meet Rachel who confuses him with the young vampire and attacks him, they start to fight and get the attention of the vampires in the place when they see that they are cornered they start to fight together, Blade uses a bomb with garlic to drive them away, they are cornered when a young hunter comes and saves them. calls himself Hannibal King, They flee and at the top of Deacon Cathedral watching everything, the three return to Jamal who takes care of them. of Rachel's injuries while Eric and Hannibal talk about Deacon's goal which is a magical stone found in Georgia that creates a blood moon that amplifies vampire abilities and leaves humans weak to survive the vampire hunt, but a part is missing to locate the stone the blood of a half-blood Eric says he knows one who can help them a hematologist who was his past romantic interest to Dr. Karen Jenson they leave in search of her, she works in a hospital and we see her taking care of children with rare blood diseases when Eric appears and calls her to talk at first she refuses but agrees to talk after her hours, they explain the situation to her who at first is surprised, but she quickly overcomes the surprise and already looks for a way to try to stop it, at dusk she and Eric have a conversation about what happened between them in the past and that because Eric blindly seeks his revenge they couldn't stay together, it is when they are attacked by Deacon and his army that in a fight between them, Deacon ends up getting Karen's blood, the team is forced to stop Deacon, to stop the Karen blood moon and Rachel has the theory that if if they used 100% human blood the ritual would be prevented, for that Eric will use his mother's blood that was preserved by Jamal, they leave for Georgia they try a surprise attack but fail as Deacon is always there one step ahead of them, he says he started his plan half an hour ago, and the blood moon begins, hungry vampires start attacking defenseless humans all over the world, and a great battle begins. Rachel and Karen form an excellent duo and manage to kill several vampires, Jamal with his experience makes a slaughter of vampires while Blade and Deacon start their fight, Under a rain of blood Blade and Deacon begin to fight with swords an epic clash, but Deacon gets along better, but Eric manages to land a blow that cuts Deacon's hand, Hannibal King takes advantage of this moment to use the blood of Deacon's mother. Eric to stop the ritual, he is injured by Deacon but the plan works, the Blood Moon becomes a sunrise where all the vampires there are dying, Deacon tries to escape but Eric appears and drives a stake through his heart and the leaves there to die agonizing in pain from the sunrise, the stone disappears and we see in the perception of a mysterious figure the whole scene, a few weeks pass and Hannibal is in the hospital being treated, Jamal returned after many years playing Jazz, Rachel meets Eric and Karen and says he's going to find an old friend named Jack Russell but if they need her they know where to find her, the movie ends to Jamal's Jazz with Eric and Karen having a coffee together and getting closer. . In the post credits scene we see Deacon is alive but very close to death when we see someone approaching him reciting a phrase by Bram Stoker "Despair has its own ways of bringing calm, absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the ego. The fairy that exists in it , wants your soul and in the failures that we learn and not in the delirium of success!" Dracula appears and shows that he was watching all the steps until that moment and reveals that he has the stone, he then kills Deacon very coldly, and looks slowly at the screen and the viewer and opens a macabre smile...

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    • jirihracek @otsutsuki This is absolutely great. I'm just worried that the new Marvel/Disney version will turn out badly. Too bad they won't use this storyline.

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  • s105042 hope Michael Giacchino direct Blade

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  • youtubegamer Can anyone here suggest actors / actresses / roles for my stories?, I should be turning into a reality one day, so I need help with the cast

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  • betthebrett This is cool and all. One question, why did you put Dracula in there?

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  • misterwolf Well.... even though I am generally positive, the only thing really is that it has tonal problems ("too dark" kind of problems) and unfortunately because Disney and the MCU are kid friendly, they won't make it so violent. U

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    • otsutsuki @harmonwillis The film's violent approach would be what Deadpool will look like in Deadpool 3

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    • misterwolf @otsutsuki I know. You've definitely made a good match to the dark films that "I" make. Particularly City of Darkness, The Chronicles of Mister Wolf films, and those S.C.P Foundation films (Of which the third one is the only one I know you've checked out). There's nothing wrong with it being violent either, I just have doubts on ANY MCU films being rated R.
  • misterwolf Other than that, it's pretty good. I give it 77%.

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  • stevepwayne914 Great job!

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  • jake_blastercaster24 I like it. Nice job.

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