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Any musicals no one has done put on the big screen yet?
How about a musical with songs by George Michael? Or Panic! At the Disco? Or Céline Dion? Or One Direction?
I guess there's Avenue Q.
That musical is way funnier than Happytime Murders!
Here are some artists who I think deserve a jukebox musical:
George Michael
Céline Dion
Panic at the disco
I would like to see a film version of Dear Evan Hansen.
My idea for Makoto Shinkai's upcoming film would be a sequel to kimi no na wa, I call it "Your Name 2: Rumor's Delight"
Avenue Q would be interesting seeing on the big screen.
Probably either beetlejuice or six. Love those shows
isnt beetlejuice already a movie?
Next to Normal with Anna Elizabeth Stern as Natalie! Her mother in real life has Alzheimer’s so I think she would really feel Natalie’s pain and bring new layers of emotion to the character.