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You know, given how successful Hamilton's been, which other historical figures should have a musical about them? Julius Caesar? George Washington? Alexander the Great? Elizabeth I? Boudicca? Cleopatra? Let me know which ones you think.
Boudicca could be cool especially if it takes irish folk inspiration. Milton Hershey could be done like a willie wonka musical. On a sidenote, should Annie Get Your Gun be remade or should they just make a new Annie Oakley Biopic Movie?
Nelly Bly. I think it would be pretty interesting to have an undercover reporter musical.
Ned Kelly would also be cool
John kennedy would be cool and funny
I'm new to the forum, so there are a lot of things I don't know yet. I'm hoping to gain some guidance from the boards, and I'm excited to get to know everyone on here. run 3