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Felix is known for:

  • Stray Kids 1ST #LoveSTAY 'SKZ-X'
    The first fan meeting of Stray Kids! You are invited to a mysterious fan meeting 'SKZ-X' with Stray Kids members disguised as detectives.
    Stray Kids 2ND #LoveSTAY 'SKZ’S CHOCOLATE FACTORY' is the second fan meeting made by the k-pop group Stray Kids. Welcome to the SKZ's Chocolate Factory! Where you can forget all your problems and have the sweetest date with the Stray Kids members just before Valentine's Day. Be careful, they're going to add an extra mala taste to their handmades chocolates to make sure you have an extraordinary experience in their factory!
    A group of students led by director Jisung make a short film starring aspiring actor Minho and his friend Yongbok.

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