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Darya Zhovner is known for:

  • Closeness
    1998, Nalchik. A Jewish family is in trouble: the youngest son and his bride do not come home, and in the morning, a ransom note arrives. The ransom is so high that the family is forced not only to sell its small business, but also to seek help from its fellow tribesmen.
  • High Above
    A young girl spends the summer in a country resort under the vigilant supervision of her mother. There her attention is drawn to a guy whose past is shrouded in a secret. The girl does not suspect that after this meeting her life will change forever, and her feelings can fly high above…
  • The Fragiles
    The film introduces us to the story of a young man who doesn’t think about tomorrow. For the romantic, courageous, windy and reckless lad, every day is a new adventure... We meet the protagonist and his friends at a key moment in one adventure, which brings about a fateful acquaintance: he falls in love with a girl who offers herself to him, and at the same time the prospect of fast profit. In love affairs there is everything but love.

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