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  • ultracarterzilla Also to note, in Christopher Nolan's Direction of Transformers Dark Of The Moon, an R rated is produced which includes some changes in the cut and scenes that were removed in the theatrical cut. The changes are that the way the humans are killed by Decepticons by turning into dust is changed with them exploding with blood and guts coming out of the exploded bodies. F bombs are present in the R rated cut and the deleted scenes which include Starscream tearing a Human apart with blood and guts spilling from both halves and Shockwave shooting and cutting humans into pieces with blood splattering are included in the Christopher Nolan's R rated cut of Transformers Dark Of The Moon.

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  • moviefanev Odette Annable should replace Megan Fox as Mikaela Babes in this version of Transformers Dark of the Moon.

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  • ultracarterzilla my version of Dark Of The Moon directed by Christopher Nolan would not have any sequels as Dark Of The Moon concludes the trilogy, similar to The Dark Knight Trilogy. Also, the ending for my version of Dark Of The Moon does not set up any sequels or spin-offs as it’s the true ending for the trilogy. But what happens after Dark Of The Moon is that after Megatron and his loyal Decepticons left Earth, there are other Decepticons who didn’t surrender and refused to leave Earth and Yukio Minami succeeded Lennox in the role of Lieutenant Colonel after Lennox retired. There, Yukio, along with her now wife, Misato Suzuki, who has joined N.E.S.T. , now lead N.E.S.T. Into battling the remnants of the Decepticons and the Autobots, who now consider Earth as their new home, are praised as heroes and assist N.E.S.T. In hunting the Decepticon Remnants.
    • tff500 @ultracarterzilla why not make it two trilogies, The Nolan Trilogy and the Sommers Trilogy
    • ultracarterzilla @tff500 sorry man, it’s already part of the trilogy with Transformers 2007 and Revenge of the fallen and Christopher Nolan would probably not want to do anymore possible Transformer and my version of Dark of the Moon is the conclusion to the Bayverse Trilogy. Probably you can make yours happen.
    • tff500 @ultracarterzilla It would be like the Star Wars Saga with Transformers 1, ROTF, and Nolan's DOTM as the Original Trilogy, and Stephen Sommers' Transformers 4, 5 and 6 the Mini-Con Trilogy so it would be similar to Star Wars
  • tff500 Can Wing Saber be in Nolan Dark of the Moon, Here's his Role, He serves as the Autobots aerial Reconscience agent, Seen Observing Areas for Any Decepticons, He joins Optimus into the Ark, and is present for Sentinel Killing the Twins, He would soon Combine with Optimus Prime in the Final battle and Joins Optimus In killing Decepticons in the Rage scene
  • tff500 I am making a Stephen Sommers Directed Transformers Age of Extinction, set 16 after you Nolan DOTM, here is the plot: 2 days have passed since the events of Dark of the Moon, The Government Established M.E.C.H, to end down all surviving Decepticons, little do they know they have started hunting down the Autobots, They begin by attacking Optimus Prime and a group of Autobots, Killing Sideswipe, Roadbuster, Ironhide and Even Yukio Minami and Misato Suzuki, much to Optimus's Horror, He is forced to retreat and Send word to the Other Autobots, 16 years later, Mechanic Deny Clay (Tom Cruise) and His son Russel Clay (Noah Schnapp) Discover an old beaten Up Semi Truck, They Eventually take it home, meanwhile Ironhide is hunted down By M.E.C.H and is Killed by Lockdown (Voiced by Lance Henricksen), Later M.E.C.H arrives at Deny's Scrapyard demanding to know where Optimus is, Optimus eventually Jumps in and Saves Deny and Russel, During their Drive Optimus scans a red Dodge Ram SRT-10, as a reference to the Alternators Toy, They eventually meet up with Bumblebee, Arcee, Mirage, Leadfoot, Topspin and the new Autobots Ultra Magnus (Voiced by John Schneider), Hot Shot (Voiced by Brent Miller), Red Alert (Voiced by Brian Dobson), Scavenger (Voiced by Ward Perry) and Jetfire (Voiced by Scott McNeil), it is revealed that Ratchet Placed Jetfire's Spark into a New body resembling his Energon form, know giving a New Space Shuttle alt mode, end of act 1

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