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5 comments on Tomb Raider (movie trilogy)

  • otsutsuki I just finished writing a Justice League Dark series can you check it out and give your feedback whether it's positive or negative?

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  • jirihracek I recently read that Tomb Raider won't be getting a sequel to the 2018 film that starred Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft. So that means we're in for a reboot. On the one hand, this makes me very sad because Alicia was great as Lara, but on the other hand, it's possible that the new version will do well. Of course, without a good and type-accurate cast, it won't be possible. Also, the story, in my opinion, should stay true to the game.

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  • jirihracek In my opinion, Millie Bobby Brown would be best suited for the role of young Lara Croft. Here are a few reasons. She has unquestionable acting talent and sufficient charisma. She is British by birth, like Lara Croft, and is the right age to be the young Lara just like in the play template. The young Lara is supposed to be 21 as the time of her first adventure, and with the reboot not hitting until a few years from now, Millie is perfect for the role.
  • jirihracek I managed to create a new image for the cast of Lara Croft thanks to NightCafe AI. Here is my profile:

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