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Fan Casting Ilia(Daughter of Mayor Bo, Link’s Close Friend)

Role added by professoroakenshield on May 5, 2022

Description of Ilia (Daughter of Mayor Bo, Link’s Close Friend):

The daughter of Bo, Ilia is a close friend of Link's and has a fondness for his horse, Epona. She prefers to spend her time in the wild. In time, Ordon Village succumbs to a Bulblin raid. During the attack, Ilia is hit with an arrow and kidnapped along with the Children of Ordon by King Bulblin and his henchmen. Upon being struck, Ilia is induced with amnesia. After many trials, Link finds a Dr. Borville’s Wooden Statue, said to help one’s memory loss, and indeed it cures Ilia. It’s possible that there’s a romantic connection between Ilia and Link, based on the way they interact with each other at the beginning of their adventure and after she regains her memory.



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