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Fan Casting Mary Jane Watson

Role added by johndavis on June 23, 2020

Description of Mary Jane Watson:

Peter Parker's new love interest and childhood friend, who ironically have the same initials/nickname as his ex girlfriend from back in high school ( MJ ). She's first introduced as a neighbor from his apartment, Peter is surprised to see that she studied in the same college as him. Mary Jane is a caucasian girl with natural red hair, green eyes and pale skin. Unlike in the Raimi franchise, Mary Jane here is not depicted as a popular celebrity, but rather a student who pursues journalism career. She usually expresses her true feelings, though she can be short-tempered and has even physically attacked some of the bullies at the campus.


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Physical Appearance of Mary Jane Watson
  • Gender: edit
  • Hair Color: edit
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  • Eye Color: edit
  • Ethnicity: edit
    White / European Descent
  • Body Type: edit
  • Age Range: edit
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