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Fan Casting Invincible(Mark Grayson)

Role added by user_401 on October 22, 2018

Description of Invincible (Mark Grayson):

Girls, acne, homework and supervillains. When you're a teenager it pays to be - Invincible. Mark Grayson is the hero Invincible, whom is a Viltrumite/Human hybrid. Mark is one of the greatest heroes on Earth and is the son of Omni-Man, the new emperor of the Viltrumite empire. Invincible is a true hero to the very end.



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Physical Appearance of Invincible
  • Gender: edit
  • Hair Color: edit
  • Hair Length: edit
  • Eye Color: edit
  • Ethnicity: edit
    Ethnically Ambiguous / Multiracial
  • Body Type: edit
  • Facial Hair: edit
  • Age Range: edit
  • Nationality: edit
    United States

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