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Fan Casting Ashlynn Ella(Daughter of Cinderella)

Role added by ro046868 on April 13, 2023

Description of Ashlynn Ella (Daughter of Cinderella):

I honestly think that Margot Robbie would make a great actress to play the role of Ashlynn Ella. This is because of how Margot Robbie is known for playing mentally challenged characters like Harley Quinn in "Suicide Squad" and "Birds Of Prey". And Ashlynn looks like the proper kind of character who fits in that category. That's actually a pretty good idea to have Margot Robbie for Ashlynn's portrayal if she was in the movie version of Ever After High. I'd imagine that Ashlynn being very funny like Harley Quinn, but having more of her usually complains on the fantasies and fairytales, etc. Overall, I would honesty say that having Margot for Ashlynn's portrayal is amazing.



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Physical Appearance of Ashlynn Ella
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    White / European Descent
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