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Fan Casting Shinichiro Tokizane(Blood-C)

Role added by theonewithda_gun on September 9, 2020

Description of Shinichiro Tokizane (Blood-C):

a classmate of Saya Kisaragi who seemed to harbor an interest in her. Tokizane appeared to be quite angsty who usually kept to himself. He appears to have mixed feelings towards Saya Kisaragi and he seems to care about her, but keeps himself distant. However, he comes to her aid several times and hints that he cares and worries about her. However, this was an "act" and Tokizane's real personality is more or less the exact opposite: cold, obnoxious and greatly impatient. He seems to only care about money and would do anything to get it, even going as far as taking part in the experiment set up by Fumito


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Physical Appearance of Shinichiro Tokizane
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