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I'm trying to work on a future series of Captain Planet. In my movie, the Planeteers follow the Eco-Villains traveling through different timeline to pollute the Earth - inspired by the Gunfight Coral episode.

Following Blight in the last timeline, the Planeteers meet the leader of the resistance who resided from Australia. The Planeteers were his inspiration in fighting Doctor Blight. Even though the Planeteers finally defeated her, a new Eco-Villain takes over turning everything technological.

The series would feel like Beast Machines & Terminator in some way. The resistance leader takes up Ma-Ti's ring of heart and tries to find worth candidates of being the next Planeteers and in hopes of bringing Captain Planet into their new world.

I just need to find good Planeteers from different areas of the country. So far, I only got one from the Philippines residing in Southeast Asia. Any others in mind? Cause I need to find a good fit for what element each Planeteer should use.