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hi christain bale my name is andries price im your biggest fan i like you as batman you are my favorite batman so good news christain bale im having batman begins 4 birthday party you are in so christain bale please play batman again on your next batman movies im ready for your fourth batman movie and your fifth batman movie you are my greatest batman you are my favorite batman ever you are cool so christain bale can you try vibration machine it will shake you very fast and your voice will be shaking you going to love it and christain bale can you wear dark blue jeans for me on my batman begins 4 birthday party that will be awesome so christain bale are you ready for your fourth and fifth batman movies that will be awesome if you come back as batman you going to vurses eddie murphy as the riddler and heath ledger as the joker again i hope you make more batman movies so christain bale i love your batman movies so i hope you make fourth and fifth batman so i hope you like my message write me back if you can
Stop making these bizarre and uncanny posts. You literally do this for every celebrity.
How many birthdays do you have in a year,dude? This is like the 5th one in a year.