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Forums » Anime & Manga » Paramount (ViacomCBS) will attempt to buy Funimation (from Sony)

Just because of the Disney/Sony buyout with the Spider man movies in the MCU. Funimation will find a new deal and distributor (which is NOT Universal Studios, just because Fox sell all company's distribution to Universal after the Disney/Fox buyout).

ViacomCBS's Paramount Pictures will acquire a deal with Funimation to redub the Grisaia series starring Josh Grelle as Kazami Yuuji. Funimation will sell Crunchyroll back to WarnerMedia due to the originals almost owned by Funimation. All Funimation anime (such as Grisaia and Dragon Ball Z series) will be available on streaming services such as Paramount Plus with their own section.

Paramount Network will acquire the TV rights to the Funimation anime (such as Darling of the Franxx (Powered by Crunchyroll), The Fruit of Grisaia, Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball Super for the Weeknight block from 7pm to 9pm.