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Before the other characters' voices got announced, I made a story of my casting choices for some of the other characters which you can check out.


I did not add the Sextuplets because their voices were already confirmed. For what got confirmed so far, what do you think made a better casting choice?

1.) Chibta (James Arnold Taylor (My choice) vs. Alejandra E. Cazares (Viz's Choice)),
2.) Totoko (Kaitie Griffin My Choice) vs. Cassandra Lee Morris (Viz's Choice),
3.) Iyami (Dwight Schultz (My Choice) vs. Keith Silverstein (Viz's Choice),
& Finally,
4.) Hatabou (Who I did not add) (H. Jon Benjamin (My Choice) vs. Cherami Leigh (Viz's choices)),

Not holding my breath for my other suggestions, but Stephaine Sheh, Erica Mendez and Bryce Pappenbrook are the only ones likely to be in Viz dub. I bet it'll still be as good as the anime itself.