Known For

Yusuke Narita is known for:

  • Cabaret
    A young jazz musician's desire to advance in his career runs afoul of organized crime in this thriller from Haruki Kadokawa. After a saxophonist starts playing at a particular nightspot, a thug from the Yakuza adopts him as a special friend for no greater reason than he plays one of his favorite songs well. As the dangerous life of the gangster intertwines with that of the musician, it brings harm to the musician's girlfriend, who is raped. This changes the young saxophonist's attitude about his patron, but his Yakuza "friend" is still too embroiled in his own problems to worry about anything else.
  • Be-Bop High School 2
    Teen thugs Hiroshi and Toru get caught in a street war when their prized school trousers are forcefully taken from them by punks from a rival school.
  • Flower & Snake 3
    A businessman is ruthless with his competitors, and in response his competitors after being driven out of business kidnap aforementioned business man's wife and start training her to be a porn star, particularly of the S&M/bondage variety

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