Known For

Niall Horan is known for:

  • One Direction: This Is Us
    Go behind the scenes during One Directions sell out "Take Me Home" tour and experience life on the road.
  • One Direction: Where We Are – The Concert Film
    Where We Are: Live from San Siro Stadium features the entire 23 track concert filmed at San Siro Stadium in Milan in June 2014, as well as 24 minutes of bonus content including backstage footage of One Direction and their crew.
  • One Direction: Up All Night - The Live Tour
    Up All Night: The Live Tour is a DVD release from the British-Irish boy band One Direction, which was released on 28 May 2012. The video concert DVD was recorded as part of One Direction's Up All Night Tour at the International Centre in Bournemouth, includes songs from their multi-platinum debut album Up All Night and five covers, including "I Gotta Feeling", "Stereo Hearts", "Valerie", "Torn" and "Use Somebody".

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