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Camila Sodi is known for:

  • Compadres
    A disgruntled Mexican cop is forced to work with a teenage hacker to hunt down the criminals who killed his wife, and dismantle their operation.
  • Love of My Loves
    Two couples get to know what we all dream about: love at first sight. The problem is they meet it with different people to the ones they are engaged with, and they are just at seven days to get married. Up to that moment, they have to reconsider what’s love and what’s a habit, and to face them going against an idea with an expiration date: marriage. "Love of my loves" is based upon the successful mexican theatrical play "Un dos tres por mí y por todos mis amores", and explores compromise, doubts and commitment mixing drama and comedy.
  • Bad Girls
    A rebellious teen butts heads with the teachers at an all-girl charm school in Mexico City.

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