Known For

Caitlin Halderman is known for:

  • DreadOut
    Based on a terrifying local survival horror video game, a group of students enter an abandoned building for popularity but end up discovering a mystic portal to the land of the dead.
  • Ada Cinta Di SMA
    Iqbal, not satisfied with his current state of affairs, starts running as the head of the high school's student council (OSIS).
  • Surat Cinta Untuk Starla The Movie
    Hema loves nature so much. He wrote love letter to nature using his typewriter. He also made mural to show his love of nature. One day, he met Starla. In 6 hours, he fell in love with this girl. Hema realize that there is more than nature to be in love with. Hema and Starla are getting closer. Until Starla started to go away from Hema.

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