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Alex Høgh Andersen is known for:

  • Ødeland
    In a post-apocalyptic world in human decay, a protective father and his teenage daughter are forced to bring a mute teenage boy to their hide-out, which puts their relationship under decisive pressure and expose them to outer dangers. ØDELAND is a short drama about walking the thin line between doubt and hope and the choice between truth and lie – a story about a father wanting to do everything in his power to sustain hope in his daughter in a seemingly hopeless world.
  • A War
    Company commander Claus Michael Pedersen and his men are stationed in Helmand, Afghanistan. Meanwhile back in Denmark, with a husband at war and three children missing their father, everyday life is a struggle for Claus' wife Maria. During a routine mission, the soldiers are caught in heavy Taliban crossfire. In order to save his men, Claus makes a decision that ultimately sees him return to Denmark accused of a war crime.
  • The Shadow in My Eye
    On March 21st, 1945, the British Royal Air Force set out on a mission to bomb Gestapo's headquarters in Copenhagen. The raid had fatal consequences as some of the bombers accidentally targeted a school and more than 120 people were killed, 86 of whom were children.

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