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  • 8r0k3n What's the point of calling it “New Generation” if you’re going to use the actors from the old generation?
    • 8r0k3n @slugmuch_production “A reboot of X-files where agents Mulder and Scully hunt more monsters ...” “a new generation” is not the impression that I get. You’ve not suggested any new agents. The only thing I see here is Mulder and Scully hunting more monsters.
    • 8r0k3n @slugmuch_production because every old generation begets the next generation. Time passes and the younger people take over. You could have Mulder and Scully in more of a supervisory positions, but if you want a “new generation” then the cast should have members of the new generation.
    • 8r0k3n @slugmuch_production Think of it like Star Trek. They had the original show, but when it came time to create a new show and called it “The Next Generation” they created new characters and new stories.

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