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13 comments on Who is playing Reed Richards?

  • benjaminmiller1 I don't see Pedro Pascal in the role because he's The Mandalorian, I just don't want to see major roles cast in other major roles, I think marvel should look for someone that's completely unknown like when Christopher Reeve was cast as Superman, Hugh Jackson and Chris Hemsworth as Thor they weren't well known before their big break, it makes them see the character and not a major role cast in another major role so if they are going to cast Reeds Richards also known as Mr Fantastic then they should look for someone who's not well known same goes for Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm, they may have a few acting credits but hasn't had a major break yet.

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  • benjaminmiller1 I can see both sides of the argument about John Krasinski, i can't really see Hayden Christensen in the role in my personal opinion but I respect your opinion on it. I also see both sides of the argument about the debate on Emily Blunt. I can't see either Ryan Gosling or Matt Smith mainly Matt Smith is The Doctor from Doctor Who because I get it. I think The Fantastic Four should mainly unknown actors/actresses

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  • lordstarkiller If this were, let's say, ten or fifteen years ago, I can say Pedro Pascal would be good. I still think he'd do a great job in the role, but I would imagine they get someone younger. I mean, actors like Pedro and Glenn Howerton are pushing 50, and will be too old by the time they make their debut in whatever role they're cast in. For me, I like the idea of Hayden Christensen playing Reed because not very many people know him as an actor (outside of Star Wars, of course) and he has the right energy for the role as Anakin Skywalker. I would also be fine with Ryan Gosling or even Matt Smith, but honestly, even though I think the Pedro fancast is good, I, more or less, see Hayden in that role a little more. The only fancast I actually despise for this role is John Krasinski, not because he wouldn't do a good job (in fact, I'm not even sure how well he would handle that role since I haven't seen MoM), but because if he was going to play Reed in the MCU, he would have been cast by now. Same with Emily Blunt as Sue Storm, in which case, I would choose Samara Weaving or Vanessa Kirby over Emily Blunt tbh. However, like @benjaminmiller1 said, they can always cast an unknown actor, if they wish to do that.

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  • shanespicer For me, I'd go with Penn Badgley as Reed.

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