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Fan Casting Roles for Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2



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3 comments on Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2

  • toonking1985 This movie takes place in the present, it stars the grandchild or great grandchild of the late Eddie Valiant, I imagine that in this movie their would be like a fued between the hand drawn toons (termed as Flats) and the computer animated toons (termed as Techies), dip is now illegal, all of the toon characters from the first Roger Rabbit movie (Roger, Jessica, Baby Herman, Benny, etc.) still look and sound the same like they never aged, the fued between the Flats and the Techies is so bad that they are close to a full blown war (and no this sequel is not a war movie), and the reason the flats hate the techies is because they see them as job stealers or something like that (a reference to how computer animation has taken over the animation industry)
  • toonking1985 Oh and I forgot to mention the stop-motion toons are termed as "Clays"

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