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6 comments on Wayside (Live Action Series)

  • matt2001 @amangirma Do you need any help with future stories.
    • amangirma @matt2001 Not right now, but i'll let you know. Btw, let me give you some advice, if you see a user named "lm2552" (without quotations), block him, because he literally downvotes whatever casting suggestion you add and blocks you for no apparent reason.
    • matt2001 @amangirma Thanks for the advice, I'll look forward to whatever material you have planned in the near future.
    • amangirma @matt2001 It's me again. I want you to be on a look out for a troll named pococrazy17. His profile picture is a batman pointing. He downvotes your casting suggestions and blocks you thinking there's nothing we can do about it. Be sure to spread the message.

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