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Fan Casting Roles for War in Ukraine



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12 comments on War in Ukraine

  • batsonjacksont What the hell dude, what the actual hell dude. Why would you even make this? This story shouldn’t exist

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    • jirihracek @batsonjacksont Why should we avoid serious topics? In the past, many films have been made about World War II or the Vietnam War. And many other conflicts. There is no reason not to reflect on these events.
    • batsonjacksont @jirihracek This is too soon, my guy. Like, this is happening right now.
    • jirihracek @batsonjacksont I'm aware of that. And the Czech Republic is not that far from Ukraine. In our country Ukrainians are the second largest ethnic minority after Slovaks, so I know a few of them and what they are going through now is terrible.
  • kamenriderfan32 Are you dumb?

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  • conor_b oh really? so What about Yemen , Afghanistan, Syria or Palestine?

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    • jirihracek @conor_b I've always been against the war. As a young leftist I participated in many anti-war demonstrations in Prague in the past. And also demonstrations in support of Palestine.
  • jirihracek On my profile you will find a number of stories from history. Whether about World War II, the Russian Revolution, the Munich Agreement, etc. These are all serious topics and I think it's okay to be interested in them.

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    • the_bat_of_gotham @jirihracek Your intentions seem understandable. What I intend to say is that it feels to be in poor taste/tone-deaf to talk about a movie about an ongoing tragedy.
  • megaty777 nope

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