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  • fredericarrowsmith The cast apart from Stallone and Caine were played by actual soccer players (Pele , Bobby Moore etc) so when it comes to the on field actual footy parts they have to cast soccer players or at the very least actors that can play soccer.
  • fredericarrowsmith Actors that can play soccer - Jeremy Renner , Damian Lewis , Sam Worthington , Mark Strong , Edward Norton , Ioan Gruffudd , James McAvoy , Hayden Christensen , Michael Sheen , Martin Compston , Alfie Allen , Jack O'Connell , Jack Whitehall , Will Ferrell , Jason Statham , Sam Claflin , Mike Myers , Alessandro Nivola , Rodrigo Santoro , Santiago Cabrera , Gerard Butler , Simon Baker , Matthew Morrison , Iwan Rheon , Tom Felton , Dominic Cooper , Stephen Moyer and Jason Isaacs
  • fredericarrowsmith In the UK every year there's a thing called Soccer Aid started by the singer Robbie Williams where two mixed teams of celebs and ex-players face off against each other all the while raising money for charity (this years one had Idris Elba as manager of one of the teams) Check out his link on You Tube of Woody Harrelson scoring a winning penalty -

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