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Fan Casting Roles for True Fear: Forsaken Souls Trilogy


This story does not allow roles to be added.

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8 comments on True Fear: Forsaken Souls Trilogy

  • margosinger Well done! I always thought that this game would make a super good horror film. Perhaps a mini series with 3 parts, to show and understand the depth of the story and its characters
  • margosinger It says that this story does not allow roles to be added. I am brand new here. I have few suggestions , just don't know how to add them here
    • 186fleetstreet @margosinger I have this set so that only I can add new characters (I think I've got all the main characters for the series so far). To add new people you'd want casted to the characters already there, click on the character and add the actor's name in the search bar in the "contribute" section on the right.
  • margosinger I like your actor choices. Also, currently replaying TF2. Hope we get the promised bonus/part 3 soon! From ms52 :)
    • 186fleetstreet @margosinger On Facebook, they said that the bonus level from TF2 is going to be worked into the beginning of TF3. As of... sometime in April? they had a significant chunk of the game done, but who knows what's going on with COVID shutdowns.
  • margosinger I'll try. I don't know how to do it yet
  • margosinger Hi again, thank you for the info. I will set up a new story with different proposed actors. It will take me some time to do this.

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