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5 comments on Timeranger, but it’s Cammy, Manon, Gregory, Hwoarang and Asuka

  • tzekuanng @kutingkutingultim8 Dude! Can you give me the sypnosis for me?
    • tzekuanng @kutingkutingultim8 Hey bro! Why you never answer?!
    • kutingkutingultim8 @tzekuanng | In 2021, Let’s Go Brandon was coined, becomes popular and started taking over the Internet. The Time Protection Bureau (TPB) is established to watch for and stop time crimes while JP, a mysterious Bartitsu fighter, and the head of the NGO Terra Network Partners creates a group of 6 friends, Cammy, Hwoarang, Gregory, Asuka Kazama, Manon and Juri to become the future squadron, the Timerangers.
    • kutingkutingultim8 @tzekuanng | I’m terribly sorry for not answering you, bro. Can you please make Blender Animations of “Combattler V, but it’s Cammy, Juri, Marisa, Manon and Cassie”, “Cammy the Blue Ranger”, “PR Wild Force, but it’s Min Min, Meggy, Gregory, Glam Freddy, Glam Chica and Jin” & “Manon the GaoWhite“?

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