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12 comments on The Truth of Amber Heard

  • megaty777 The sad thing is that Amber Heard deserves to be fired. She's a lying, gold-digging, abusing b!tch who blames a perfectly innocent man for everything she did wrong. Not only did she abuse someone (which is wrong anyway), but she lied about donating money to charity and kept it all to herself. And when it came to the actual case, it turns out the judge is an actual friend of Amber, and defends her with no proper reason to. As well as that, the Sun newspaper (which I have to deal with in the UK, f*ck the Sun) edited the "photos" of Amber. They are also known for being a racist and homophobic newspaper who simps over the abusive b!tch herself. With the judge and the Sun both on Amber's side like F*CKING SIMPS, they declare Johnny guilty. As a judge, you're meant to finish the case after looking at ALL OF THE PROOF, but of course Justice Nicol doesn't listen. You don't deserve that name, Nicol: you don't give "justice" to the one person who deserves it. I've been looking at this case for a VERY long time and examined the proof and I have come to the conclusion this was not a fair trial, it was quite the opposite actually. Do you know that Amber abused her ex-girlfriend, and got away with it. So as soon as the result to this case is revealed, me and many other actual SANE people out there try and campaign for the truth, we're silenced by the so-called "feminists" (e.g. the "kill all men" type) and the simps. And you know what? After all this, the victim is blamed by one of the biggest film companies of all time and removes him from his role. And what does Amber get? She gets to keep her role as Mera. I will go as far to say that anyone could play Mera, maybe even Keanu Reeves (the nicest man alive), other than Amber and I WOULD WATCH IT. So this is for all those so-called "feminists" and Amber simps: f*ck off, stay away from Johnny and we will not leave you and your "idol" alone until JUSTICE. IS. SERVED. I have had to argue with many of you before, including the @sshole Forcez and User_18040, and I won't stop until you have stopped, until justice is served. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp, from Megaty777

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  • jd I've generally been a lurker on this site. Kept to myself, posted stories, voted on stuff. Never really got involved in anything other than those. Good on you for posting this. As someone following this whole thing myself it's sickening that she's been getting away scot free with all she's done.

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  • iammike Not this again

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