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  • axiomman the movie begins with Odette's mother The Queen giving birth as William watches anxiously witnessing the birth of his child, after a while The Queen gives birth to a baby girl not before long sings to her daughter a lullaby which foreshadows the events of the movie, later gives Odette a necklace not before long dying, later William presents his baby daughter to his subjects and everyone, during the celebration Queen Uberta of Chamberg presents her son to Derek and gave William the idea of making a plan to have them meet and spend every summer together in hopes that they will fall in love and marry so that they can unite their two kingdoms forever, meanwhile Rothbart, the chancellor and sorcerer of King William plans to overthrow him with the forbidden arts not before along on the eve of his assault William's men were able to stop him as William banishes Rothbart as Rothbart swears "SOMEDAY I WILL GET MY POWER BACK AND EVERYTHING YOU HAVE WILL.... BE... MINE"
  • axiomman years later at Summer we see William and Uberta bringing their own children in hopes they would have their relationship to blossom, but Odette and Derek initially don't get along with each other every summer, until adulthood Derek and Odette start feelings for each other as Derek puts forward with the wedding plans but Odette questions to Derek is there anything else besides her Beauty in which Derek responds What Else Is There in which the plan falls through as William and Odette sadly go off, until the guards hear mysterious beautiful voice luring them and scaring them, until a mysterious figure hidden in the shadows appears attacking the carriage, in which the surviving warns Derek about a carriage being attacked as Derek rushes in but he is too late he finds William lying on the floor dying as William's dying words warns Derek about a Great Animal not before dying as Derek shouts Odette's name
  • axiomman meanwhile at Rothbart's Castle we see Odette held captive by Rothbart and his daughter Odile as Rothbart tells Odette that she's cursed into a swan by day and she can only temporarily change into her true form at night if she stands on the lake when the moonlight touches it. as we learn Rothbart wants to rule the kingdom and wants Odette to rule alongside him and Odile which she refuses, later Odette develops a rivalry with Odile, whom they sympathise with each other for having somewhat overly protective fathers as later Odette finds a map to find a way to get Derek and his kingdom, meanwhile Derek is busy practicing and studying on what the Great Animal as well hunting the monster believing Odette isn't dead and is alive somewhere while Uberta worries about Derek, as Derek goes on the hunt he spots a Swan and chases into a secluded area with a lake and sees the Swan transform into Odette as Odette explains to her situation and at the same time bonding as well develop their relationship while thinking of a plan to set Odette free from her curse without the knowledge of Rothbart or Odile
  • axiomman later one night after several nights, Rothbart overhears Derek's plan about the ball then confronts Odette and stealing her necklace and tells there is no moon to turn into a human, later Rothbart and Odile think of a new plan since their previous plan has been screwed causing them to alter it by having Odile disguise as Odette go to the ball, dance with Derek in which he would propose to her and say the vow causing Odette to be a swan permanently, lose her humanity and turn into a dumb animal, then die, later on the night of the ball and after Uberta sending the invitations to princesses across the globe, the ball begins as various princesses show up to dance with Derek but Derek is interested in the mysterious figure who turns out to be Odette in which the crowd and everyone is shocked and surprised that Odette is alive which is Odile in disguise, Derek dances with Odile and knows somethings isn't right about her, meanwhile Odette is imprisoned in tower by Rothbart and later escapes with strategy and planning in use, Odette flies and arrives at Derek's castle only to witness Derek and Odile together where Derek proposes the vow to Odile in which Odette is stunned and as she flies back as all the while she gradually loses her humanity and only to revert into a stupid dumb animal as well a swan permanently, Rothbart arrives at the party and exposes Odile in front of Derek as well informing that his vow has turned Odette into a swan permanently and would die, Derek rushes in and follows the swan back the lake at Rothbart's lair while Odile feels guilt that she sort of killed Odette, Derek arrives to the lake and finds Odette dying as her mind turns into a simple dumb animal, Derek's shocked and devastated that his vow to the wrong girl has killed in which Rothbart shows up and tells him that if he wants Odette back all he needs to do is fight him in which Derek agrees and the two begin to fight as Rothbart reveals himself as the Great Animal in front of Derek, as Derek begins to fight the creature but it's no use just then Odile shows up want to make amends for her actions by helping Derek and with the two work together Odile finds an arrow that was in the lake earlier gives it to Derek as Derek swiftly kills Rothbart, as the beast falls into the water below as he explodes in an aura of light and magic everything goes quiet as Derek mourns Odette while Odile watches just then a magic light and power appears around Odette causing her to magically regain her humanity and turn her back into a human as Derek happily reunites with Odette once again and Odile is happy to see her again, Odette and Derek got married and decided to merge their kingdoms together resulting into the two moving in to Rothbart's now abandoned castle thanks to Odile's help and during the celebration Odile is thanked by everyone for helping Derek slay the Great Animal as Odette tells her that she could have a place in her court in which Odile happily obliges as she could visit anytime and spending most of her time travelling across the globe and go off on many adventures, which Odette agrees as the movie ends on a beautiful lake as well a symbol of a swan complete with a tribute to Michelle Nicastro and then credits roll

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