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4 comments on The Return of theoriginalmartian

  • theoriginalmartian billyswifty has been missing for 10 years. Easily the most powerful of the myCast users, he alone wasthe original peacekeeper. His disappearance prompted the formation of the myCast League. Now with theoriginalmartian dead, the myCast League scattered, and an army of trolls led by theultimatemartian running things, the remaining members of the League embark on a final quest to try and retake mycast. batsonjacksont, pococrazy17, and clownprinceofcasting are on a mission to find billyswifty and convince him to restore order. The rest of the League launches an assault on the troll army. billyswifty (who in the context of the mCCU is a Dr. manhattan-like figure) doesn't care about returning, but he does bring theoriginalmartian back to life and increase his power. Will the reunited myCast League be able to stop the troll army? We'll see.

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  • arturedge welcome back!

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