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Fan Casting Roles for The Lion King (2019 Remake)



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6 comments on The Lion King (2019 Remake)

  • gagefranke Except this time make the animals a little more expressive and not cut out the "the past can hurt" scene.

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    • toonking1985 @gagefranke Well it's suppose to be a better version of the remake

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    • samkresil @gagefranke And add in Mufasa and Scar's backstory, including their parents
    • castingsinmyblood @gagefranke Here's an idea: let's not add back in the past can hurt scene, but extend it. Let's take it back to it's shakespearan roots by having Simba "haunted" by his father. It finally comes to a head when he sees his father form out of a giant thunder cloud and tells him to "remember". Simba shouts at the sky "YOU SAID YOU'D ALWAYS BETHERE FOR ME! BUT YOU'RE NOT... BECAUSE OF ME!" And then we see a familiar Baboon walk up and make an understatement on the weather. Rafiki and Simba talk for a while, ending when Rafiki shows him his reflection and then we get the song "He lives in you".
  • toonking1985 And I even imagine that this version would be shot on actual African locations (like how they did for Walking with Dinosaurs and Dinosaur) though photorealistic backgrounds would still be used)
  • micahmadera Can someone take a look at an original story that i made I hope to make it into an actual movie someday.

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