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Fan Casting Zant(Usurper King)

Role added by professoroakenshield on May 5, 2022

Description of Zant (Usurper King):

He is the self-proclaimed King of Twilight, although Midna claims he is the King of Shadows. He is the enemy to the Twili who usurps the throne of the Twilight Realm from Princess Midna. Zant served in the royal household of the Twilight Realm, believing that he would be the next to rule. However the twili were wary of Zant, fearing his ambition and desire for conquest would lead to a repeat of their ancestors' folly. As a result, rule went to Princess Midna. Zant also shows a near fanatical devotion to Ganondorf, blindly following the Demon King's every command and believing that Ganondorf would revive him without cease.



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