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Fan Casting Ganondorf(Dark Lord)

Role added by professoroakenshield on May 5, 2022

Description of Ganondorf (Dark Lord):

Ganon, also known by his original/human form Ganondorf, is the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda series. Ganon is a nickname for Ganondorf and the name given to him when he transforms into a boar-like beast. Ganon is the possessor of the Triforce of Power, imbued with the essence of the Goddess Din. As the incarnation of the Demon King Demise's hatred for those with the blood of the Goddess and the spirit of the hero, Ganon is destined to eternally reincarnate to pursue world domination. The only one capable of defeating Ganon is the Hero who is chosen by the Goddesses.



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1 comment on Ganondorf

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