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30 comments on The Jungle Book

  • castingsinmyblood I have been given permission by @Jarrodosborne to develop the hybrid story of this Jungle Book Mashup. I shall place it here for all to see. Let's Begin:

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  • castingsinmyblood Gotta recharge my batteries for a second. I'll come back to this. In the mean time @jarrodosborne, feel free to add what you want to this story.
    • jarrodosborne @castingsinmyblood I think you got this in the bag
    • jarrodosborne @castingsinmyblood But yet I think Shere Khan should be a powerful and feared threat like the 2016 version like he would still have the crippled leg but I would think that wouldn't make him any less dangerous or less powerful
    • jarrodosborne @castingsinmyblood And by level of fear he brings to the jungle like it would be like when he first appeared at the watering hole where all the animals (including the big ones like crocodiles, rhinos, water buffalos, even elephants I think) would be dead silent and would get out of his way when he comes

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  • castingsinmyblood 1. would you mind if we added new characters from the book/animated film that did not appear in the movie? 2. should we only suggest actors from the movies or rumored for the roles? 3. Can I show this cast to some friends of mine?
  • castingsinmyblood So we begin the same as the Andy Serkis film, seeing Kaa’s narration of events and talking about how the Jungle is changing around them from the way things were. We see Bagheera leaving Mowgli with the wolves, his adoption by the pack, Shere Khan’s resolution to one day kill him, etc. It’s a good opening and the 2016 version lacked in the “show-don’t-tell” department, so this’ll pick up the slack.
  • castingsinmyblood We then cut to years later. A grown Mowgli is running through the forest, chased by an unseen force. Wolves run past him. “Faster!” they cry “he’s gaining.” Mowgli pushes harder, trying to go faster, but running on all fours doesn’t work for him. He stumbles and then suddenly, his pursuer is upon him!
  • castingsinmyblood It's Bagheera! "You are undoubtedly the worst wolf I have ever seen." he says. Mowgli huffs and stands when Bagheera takes his paw off of him.
  • castingsinmyblood We cut to the two walking through the jungle.
  • castingsinmyblood “This is the third time you’ve failed the running,” Bagheera says “and I think Baloo is getting tired of training you.”
  • castingsinmyblood “You wouldn’t have caught me if that branch hadn’t broken,” Mowgli says.
  • castingsinmyblood “The tree had a creeper vine on it. If it has a creeper, then it’s brittle and won’t support your weight.”

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